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How does the hiring of expatriates work in the Netherlands?


BMF ADVICES came up as a simple and practical solution to help and facilitate the entire process involved in hiring an expatriate. We know the task is not that simple and it can take many hours of your day to deal with all the issues involved. With this in mind, we make our services available, so that the entire process is streamlined and your new employee can go to work soon after their arrival.


Get to know all the services offered by us and how they can help you!


The main objective of BMF ADVICES is to facilitate and streamline the entire process of hiring expatriates, which involves their forthcoming to the Netherlands, arrival at the airport, bureaucracy related to immigration, housing, everyday issues and many other needs that may arise.


To ensure accessibility to all our clients, we send an exclusive relocation consultant to listen to all your demands and solve them.



Find out more about how we can help you and feel free to get in touch with us and ask any questions you may have.



The arrival is a moment of great emotion and a lot of changes for the expatriate. We welcome your new employee completely. We organize their air tickets, their arrival at the airport, we guide all the necessary formalities and give all the assistance so that his/her adaptation to the new country is made in the best possible way.



The migrant status has some peculiarities and specificities that need to be provided and resolved so that the hired person can work legally, such as Tev visas, ICT and some other things. BMF ADVICES will advise and guide you in relation to all the bureaucracy. Accurate and proper guidance will save time and unnecessary inconvenience for all parties.




The procedures required to get a work authorization for employees hired outside the EU take a lot of your time, making it quite exhausting and time-consuming. Most people don't have all that time available to deal with these issues, so they outsource all visa and permit application work to make sure their employee can come to the Netherlands and start to work as soon as possible.


We've put together some of the processes needed to acquire a work permit in the Netherlands, check out:


The first thing to do is the TeV request. This is the request to enter and stay in the country, so it is essential. Depending on the employee's country of origin, it may be necessary to apply for another entry visa, the MVV, and it is important to pay attention to this detail.

For transfers from an EU company to another unit or branch in the Netherlands, it is also necessary to apply to the ICT (Guideline for Intra-Corporate Transfers). Being an IND sponsor is an important requirement to be able to register with TeV and MVV.


If you need the services of your employee in the Netherlands as soon as possible, the best solution is to outsource this entire visa application process to us. That is because there is no doubt that the entire procedure is quite complex, demanding time and dedication. The IND, which is responsible for authorizing visas, despite trying to process all applications within 4 to 6 weeks, has up to 3 months to validate the application, which delays all your plans with your new employee.


Therefore, in an attempt to bring your employee to the Netherlands and make them available for work quickly, within all the legal means, we make a request and deal directly with the IND and the embassy, speeding up the process.


Here are some of the procedures we perform:

● Full assistance for the application of TeV and MVV visas;

● Advice on salary requirements;

● Assistance regarding the legalization of documents;

● Applications required for residence permit for family and work;

● Intra-Corporate Transfer Application;

● We schedule consultations with the embassy for visa withdrawals;



We value constant and transparent communication, making you and your employee aware of all requirements and making sure they are done quickly.


The Knowledge Visa request is very important to guarantee the arrival of your employee.



If you are interested in knowing how to go through the visa application process, from the social security number to the legalization of documents and how we can help you, please continue reading this text.



Many companies end up looking for employees from other countries to occupy specific positions and duly qualified professionals for such. However, from hiring the employee until the employee arrives to actually be able to work legally in our country, it can take a long time. The regularization of the expatriate requires several complex procedures. The acquisition of the different visas, the social security number (BSN), housing accommodation and all necessary information about the 30% ruling are some of them. In addition, simple things that are already part of the residents' daily lives, such as public transport and garbage collection, will be issues that your employee will need help to know and understand in order to adapt.


Thus, it is clear that migrating to a new country to work requires several concerns and doubts that need to be faced, which will end up occupying your employee's working hours. The goal of BMF ADVICES is to save your time and fatigue, taking care of everything in relation to your employee, allowing him/her to focus his/hers energies only on the work, immediately. In addition to bureaucratic issues, we guarantee personal assistance to carry out the relocation in a pleasant and comfortable manner.


To make it easier for you, we offer several services related to relocation:


• Work and residence permits;

• Assistance in the legalization of documents;

• Registration at the city hall, application of the tax number (BSN);

• Application of expatriate health insurance, opening bank account;

• Find suitable accommodation;

• Airfare and arrival assistance;

• Medical record at GP, dentist, etc.;

• Tuberculosis testing at the Municipal Health Services;

• Installation assistance (schools, driver's license conversion, etc.);

• Application of the 30% ruling;

• Area orientation;

• Day-to-day assistance;




Can you imagine having an exclusive consultant to handle all the procedures related to the expatriate's relocation, taking care of all your needs in an efficient and effective way? That's what we do. We make sure to offer the expatriate a smooth and quick adaptation, maintaining direct personal contact with each one. One of the measures provided by our services is the scheduling of mandatory appointments in a single day, saving time outside of work.



Finding housing for expatriates in the Netherlands is a laborious and tiring task. To help you, BMF ADVICES looks for housing that meets all your needs and leaves your employee comfortable and with satisfactory accommodation.


If you don't know where to start looking or how to find a home that meets your needs, leave the job to us. We can arrange housing anywhere in the Netherlands.


Although challenging, as we are already hired by companies and we continue the rent, we have greater access to the houses and are able to close better deals.


Upon arriving in the country, the expatriate will already have the desired accommodation and their expectations will be satisfied, without having to waste work time to look for houses.


In cases where it is not possible to visit the house in person, we do a virtual tour of the house, going to the property in your name and through videos called by Facetime or Whatsapp, we show you all the rooms in the smallest details to assist you in your final choice. We also take all your doubts and curiosities so that you don't have to travel to the place. All of this makes the search and choice for housing much more efficient and easier.


Our housing package is able to guarantee an incredible start for your employee. It already includes all costs related to the employee's housing and the related processes to close the deal. Fast, easy and stress free.


Check out the main advantages of hiring BMF ADVICES to take care of hosting expatriates:

● Verification of the lease agreement

● National network with independent offers;

● Presence at check-in;

● TV subscriptions, internet and other utilities included;

● Realistic expectations management;

● Possibility of purchasing a washing machine, microwave, etc.


All of these benefits ensure a quick adjustment not only for your employee, but for the entire family.


Check out some others services offered by BFM ADVICES: 




To integrate your employee as quickly as possible, we take care of issues such as a driver's license, children's and language schools and various other needs that may arise, according to each family.


Do you know what the 30% ruling is and how it works?




Given everything that has already been exposed, it is clear that expatriates end up incurring some extra expenses, such as arranging for new housing, return trips to their country of origin, schools for their children, medical exams and many others. To minimize the effect of expenses, the Dutch government established the 30% ruling, in which 30% of the salary is tax-free for the expatriate.


This percentage can vary according to the salary received by the expatriate and this rule is only valid for those with income above € 38,916. For expatriates under the age of 30 and holders of a master's degree, the minimum wage applied is €29,616.


 BMF ADVICES is available to forward the 30% ruling request to you. We have been operating in this service since 2021 and we can help you with the entire process.


We also carry out other services related to employee relocation in the Netherlands, such as applying for visas, we help with the legalization of documents and we take care of all the arrival of expatriates in our country.





In addition to taking care of everything related to your employee, we also offer all the legal support for the families to be able to move to the Netherlands with security and stability.



The departure of your employee to the country of origin also brings issues that need to be resolved, such as the termination of the rental agreement, cancellation of visas, etc. Don’t worry! We take care of all that.


Contact one of our experts to see which service is right for you and all the benefits!


If you need any assistance or guidance on procedures such as visa application, expatriate arrival, housing, relocation and support with daily activities, we can help you. We are dedicated to ensuring that your employee is free from bureaucracy and regulations, while we try to make you as comfortable and adapted to your new location as possible.

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