1 st Biennial Meeting CCPB 2021



- Presentation of the new projects of the Citizenship Council in the Netherlands for the 2021-2022 mandate.


- Information on projects carried out so far and CCPB projects in progress.


- Information about the projects carried out so far and the projects in progress CBRE.

Interview with Mulheres do Brasil

Welcome Mr Ambassador!

We participated in the first online meeting as the new head of Brazilian diplomacy in the Netherlands, Mr. Ambassador Paulo Roberto França, together with Counselor Vieira, directly from the Brazilian embassy in The Hague in the Netherlands. CCPB members to the Brazilian authorities in the Netherlands, in order to strengthen ties and know their area of expertise.

Começa o trabalho!



First structural meeting and swearing-in of Dutch citizens' council elected representatives.



The CCPB 2021-2022 candidates took office on February 18, 2021 at 4:00 pm with honors from our honorary president, Mr. Cézar Augusto Amaral (Consul General of Brazil in the Netherlands).

New opportunity to serve!


Congratulations to the members elected for the CCPB 2021-2022 biennium.



The Electoral Commission thanks us for the participation and our collaboration in this election, the authorities and the local Brazilian community and announces the individual result of the candidate(s).



The Citizens/Citizenship Council of the Netherlands (CCPB) advises the Brazilian consulate in Amsterdam in discussing issues relevant to the local community.


The CCPB aims at the well-being and life with dignity of the Brazilian community that lives in this country. It consists of an informal and non-partisan counseling forum, and is made up of volunteer members of the Brazilian community who reside in the Netherlands.



The CCPB is part of a worldwide network of Councils grouped in the Council of Representatives of Brazilians Abroad (CRBE).

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