Luiz de Barros - Founder

´´ Conventional knowledge or new ideas? You don't have to choose just one of them as we combine our years of experience with innovative designs. ¨


  ´´We always find the way...´´

Behind every company is a story.


During my more than 17 years of residence and work in some European countries, I have acquired the necessary experience to be able to offer the courage and hope of a better life to companies and individuals who have decided to reside, study, work and undertake outside the countries of source.


Entrepreneur, international business and immigration consultant, AGR(Official Registry Agent), shopping experience consultant, collaborator at the tables of the Citizenship Council in the Netherlands (CCPB) in entrepreneurship, sport and tourism, organization supported by the Consulate General of Brazil in the Netherlands in Amsterdam.


I actively participate in the Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish community in the Netherlands where I have promoted various personal and business development initiatives in various sectors; also acting in social projects for a better relationship with our surroundings, acting in some cases as an intermediary giving voice to those who do not have it.

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